T-Trust Partner
R-Regenerate Technology
U-Unusual Experience
S-Smart Service
T-Team Spirit

Our pursuit: 
On the basis of automation industry, aimed at satisfied the customs, we pursuit advanded technology, and establish a closed partnership. 
High-standard consulting:
Since the first time you contact us, you will have access to the companys trained and experienced staff. Based on your needs, we will work out the most optimized design automation system!
High-quality research and development:
Research and development is a decisive factor in ensuring the quality of products, so we made the strict standards for our product development.
High-quality sevice:
For both the initial consulting and the following technology support,we always have some trained and experienced staff here for sevice.
Multiply experience in many industries:
We have almost all industrial applications experience, including: petrochemical industry, chemical industry, water and sewage industries, food and health industry, building materals and metallurgical industries, pulp and paper industry, energy industry and more!


NanJing TRUST-CONTROL Technology Co.Ltd